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An introduction

In the past I have been a really poor blogger but I thought that I might as well give it try here. What do I have to lose, right!
One of the most difficult things about blogging seems to be finding a good subject that would be of interest to others as well.
Well. I'll see if someday I can write something, someone else might find interesting to read but in the meantime let us begin with an introductory post as to why do I hang out at JREF.

JREF is full of people who, for some reason or another, find Japan dear to them and I am no exception in this regard although my story is still quite short.
Initially my interest in Japan started from an urge to start studying some exiting new language. I had thought about starting German for a while but one day, in 2004, I just wanted to start studying Japanese. I went to the local library and got an introductory book.
The language was so alien and intriguing that, although I did take some German classes too later, I'm still passionately studying it. :)

The language studies promptly led me to getting interested in other Japanese things too. The culture is interesting and full of surprises, the food is delicious and mindset of the people is interesting.

After only reading heaps upon heaps about the country, in 2007 I finally got the long awaited for chance to visit there through a three month trainee program with a missions organisation in Kansai area.
My time in Japan was short but extremely rewarding. Most of the time was spent visiting many small churches and I didn't really have a chance to get to know Japanese every day life.
I also had a chance to see some of the Japanese religious life and tradition through trips with a missionary to many temples and museums in the Kansai area.

The three months I spent in Japan only added fuel to the spark I had and now I am waiting for a chance to go back and one day I wish to be able to work and study there.
Japan and Japanese are a passion for me and I hang out at JREF to gain information and insight to this nation and to see what kind of experiences people from various places around the globe have.

That's all folks!

Get back to you later! :wave:

- alantin


Although it seems that a lot of people are interested in Japan and its culture coming to JREF, it is rare to see such people in real life living in Tokyo.

It was this surprise and fascination that attracted me to these fora intially, and I continue to admire people like you who have great interest and passion in the language and other aspects of Japanese life and showing effort to gain greater mastery!

My best wishes to you and hope to see more of your contribution to JREF!!

Keep bloggin! :cool:
I'm glad to hear that you had a good time in Japan! I hope you can make it back again some day, too!
Wow! I hope you can return someday to continue your passion and your work. I too fell in love with the country when I worked in Japan for about 3 months. I hope to return next year as an exchange student.

Ganbatte kudasai! :cool:

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