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airplanes crashing.

I went out to dinner with some friends last night and the conversation turned to airplane crashes. One of my friends, although she flies, doesn't like to. She'll drive everywhere if she could. She wanted to know since I fly a lot and usually long distances don't I worry about being in a crash? She kept saying that your odds go up the more you fly so chances are I'll be in a plane crash. I suppose that's true, but I drive my car everyday, I walk across my street every day and as of yet I haven't had a car crash or been run over by a bus. I would think my odds are much higher for those potentials. Anyway, it got me to thinking and it came to this- I am not afraid to die in a plane crash, I am afraid of the fear of waiting to die. The time it takes for the plane to fall out of the sky. I would like to go fast, without fear. Of course now that my friend has me thinking of plane crashes I came across an article of a Korean 747 that crashed into a mountain on approach to the airport in Guam, and I swear when I turn the TV on it's some disaster show about planes crashing or starting on fire, landing or taking off on the wrong runway. I still am excited to take my trip and I want to see more of the world, so I just book my tickets and hope the odds are in my favor! 😌


I have the same opinion as you for this matter. Though I understand why some people are really scared to take a plane. Most of the time these people are 'controle-freaks', meaning they don't feel at ease when they have to trust an unknown pilot. Sometimes they are even scared to take the train because of the same reason. And ofcourse the fact that if something is wrong in a plane, you can't just fix it while you're flying at a height of 10km.
Yeah, I think control is a big issue. I just hope that the pilot isn't drunk or on drugs, is happy to be alive, and has had sufficient training! I do like flying overall, except landing. I don't know, but landings always make me uneasy. I get this picture in my head of the wheels snapping off! And the plane always seems to tip from side to side and slightly up and down; I get that odd feeling in my stomach like when you are on a swing. I am always relieved once we are on the ground and have are taking to the gate.
Wouldn't you know, I turn the news on and they are talking about an Air Canada flight that either hit really bad turbulence or perhaps the autopilot system failed. I think they said 10 people were hurt. One lady said the plane tipped on its side and it fell so fast her friend flew out of seat and hit the ceiling and so did the lunch cart! That is why I ALWAYS wear my seat belt! The one flight I was on they said if you were going to sleep you had to tuck your blanket under the seatbelt so they wouldn't have to wake you if the seat belt light came on. Anyway, it just seems like there are scary things happening to planes when I am going to be flying. Perhaps I am just more in tune with that type of news at the moment.
Hello everyone , I am Manfred and quite new here, surprised a lttle to find so many english conversations While we are here discussing Air crashes.
Here is one, some detailed investigation found air travel is not as safe as the airlines like you to believe. It goes like this while you are very safe if the distance travlled is taken as the main criteria this changes when you compare the amount of trips with your everyday car bus or train travel. Air travel is the least safe.
Sorry I can not recall the source of this study , you just have to take my word or find it somewhere.
Still I wish all a safe and happy journey!
Cheers Manfred
You've gotta die sometime. I think a plane crash is scary because it's one of the few things out there where survival is relatively low. Like, they don't crash often, but when they do they really friggin crash bad, no one gets out alive.

In general, people (definitley including myself) don't know much about air travel systems, technology, processes, etc., and this giant question mark causes people to scare easily. An airplane is really just a large car; it has mechanical parts, electrical parts, computers, redundancy systems, back-up systems, etc. etc. Everything that can go wrong on a car can go wrong on an airplane, the only difference being the pressures and rigors of air travel make any such malfunction more catastrophic.

But I've heard pilots and others in the industry say that if people knew a bit more about the systems and technologies (to the extent that we all know a little bit about our cars) we'd feel a bit safer.
ahh...bakaKanadajin, you got to one of my big fears. The fact that you can't do anything really in a plane crash, until the plane actually crashes...if you survive the impact, will you survive the fire, smoke, be able to get out? It's also the time that it takes the plane to fall out of the sky (if it's a flying, some do happen on the ground), that time knowing that you are going to die, and you're just waiting for it. I don't want to know when I am going to die. I just want a quick, no worries, no knowing death. Boom, dead...
Since I fly serveral times a year you got me thinking.

How many plane crashes are there in a year? A handful maybe? And how many actual plane flights are there in a year? Probably in the millions.

I found the following on Google Answers

According to a BBC story:

"In 1979 there were three fatal accidents per million flights, compared with one fatal accident per two million flights by last year [2004], according to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

And from Boeing "
In 2000, the world's commercial jet airlines carried approximately
1.09 billion people on 18 million flights, while suffering only 20 fatal accidents."

"The number of U.S. highway deaths in a typical six-month period -- about 21,000 -- roughly equals all commercial jet fatalities worldwide since the dawn of jet aviation four decades ago. In fact, fewer people have died in commercial airplane accidents in America over the past 60 years than are killed in U.S. auto accidents in a typical three-month

U.S. traffic accident fatalities in 2000 -- 41,800

Commercial airplane fatalities in 2000 -- 878"

Based on the above Goldiegirl, I personally do not even think twice when flying a plane and I do so several times a year and have done so for the past 35 years as the odds are very much in my favor.

However, should one crash and I die, well it was my time. I just hope it's painless.
I know it's so irrational to be really nervous when flying. Your statistics prove it Pachipro. Thanks for looking them up! :) I still really hate the landings. I much prefer take offs!

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