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after some problems

I'm finally happy in love :)
It took some time courage and pain for me to place evertything in a row..
At one moment I wass afraid he didn't love me... But he is shy cause he never had a girlfriend before. Aint that cute !!
I told my mom to.. :D She had seen a pic of him a wile ago before I started to like him.. And she tought he was really good looking.
so When I told her She was like is he that goodlooking boy. that was funny.
I kissed him goodbye at the station today.. Can't bear the tought of getting to miss him for 2 days now... It was just a kiss on the cheak :( Cause I'm sick. and I don't want him to be sick to.. If I had just a sore trouth I would have kissed him :p But he had to be stupid not to notice I wass sick...
And I receved my Alpha Copie :wave: Alice nine is great !!! Shou's voice it FANTASTIC.
I'm in love with it


Congratulations with being in love! Always happy to see happy couples.

About not seeing each other for 2 days... 2 years ago I did not see my wife for about 2 years (except for a couple of 2 weeks holidays).

have fun.
Wow he is one lucky guy I guess. *I Envy him*I recieved my alpha copie to ! It's great !!!
Yeaaaahh now you found your soulmate!! xDD I hope you two have a wonderful time together!
this is my first time reading a blog.😌
but i had to comment on yours.:)
I hope you two are happy for a very long time.:)

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