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A trip around Ube, Yamaguchi - ken

I went cycling and took my camera with me. The fishing port, Ube harbor ( where I sometimes go fishing ) and other places around the ocean.

Our typical fish cleaning and shipping fresh fish to the market

That's my bike. They like to fish more than keeping the place clean.

I wouldn't mind going out fishing with them. Maybe one day I'll ask them to go.

Water was clear this day

Lunch time

Well, this was just a trial on my journal, wanted to see how it goes.
Thanks for watching.
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well I think now that I got my phone to work at least I hope so I'll be able to put the pictures on the telephone and then paste paste them on the forum while I'm outside cycling around town.
I think I got it to work OK. Cycling weather should be fine this weekend, but next week the cold February winds come in all week long. At least we get our Japanese Nenkin next week. Sadly it just pays for one month of the electric bill.

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Ube, Yamaguchi - ken

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