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A Sad thing, between a few good things.

Yesterday was a very happy day, but it ended with crying in my room.

I had a little argument with my little sister, she was talking that i do a bit too much with her friends and that im always with them and stuff.
That made me realise how much i miss my friends.

Last year, i was one of the few that had to stay behind, and do the year over.
Our school is split in 3 sections (3 seperate buildings) and in the second grade (In our school system.) a few people go to one other building (for other education, like building and stuff.) And then after the 3th grade the other people go to another building too.

Anyway, i was in the third grade last year, and now im in the third grade again.
In other words, my friends continued school, and i had to do the year over.

Most of my friends, (almost all my friends) are on the other building now and im not alowed to go to that school so i dont see them.
I only see one good friend of mine (michelliej) everymorning on our way to school.

I really REALLY miss them very much.
Coz i haven't seen them for almost 7 months.
Only seeing or just waving.

Well that was the kinda sad story i guess.

A few good thing:)
I had some good grades back.
And preparations for the preformance are going very well.
This was my second blog in 2 days Hooray:win:


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