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A new blog: Countdown to a new life

I've considered making a blog for a while now and today is the day. I've always lurked at random blogs of people (mainly about Japan) and I was amused by it, so now it's time to give something in return.

This is not going to be an in-depth blog about my private life. You won't read here what I ate this morning. The main reason why I start off with this blog is because starting from January 2009 (exactly 1 year) I will start a 窶愿コ窶怒ナ津ェ (Japanese) study career in Tokyo, and if everything goes well try to permanently reside myself there. For some of you this may be a bummer and if it is; you are always welcome to come back in 1 year.

Let me introduce myself briefly: I'm an 18 years old college student from Belgium. I'm known as Homerduff here on the boards so lets keep it that way. I've been interested in Japan now for a year, and last summer I made my first trip to the land of the rising sun. As the title may point out differently, no way my life is a mess at the moment. I'm not running away from anything. I've always felt the need in my life to look for challenges and changes. Although Belgium is a beautiful country and I advice everyone to visit it one day, I'm starting to get bored by my neighbourhood and the daily routine I have to go through.

So here you have it. I will try to regularly make interesting posts here, mainly related to my preparations of leaving. No way 2008 will merely be a transition period. I still need to decide what school I'm going to (and go through a hell of apply procedures) and this spring I will go to Tokyo for a last time as a tourist (yay !).

It's always nice to get some feedback so please leave a comment while you are here.

窶堙懌?堋ス窶堙 :wave:


A lot of things to take care of for next year... sound like a nice period to learn as much as possible about Japan.

I'm looking forward reading about your preparations and hope you will keep us up to date.

Good luck in 2008 and all the best.

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