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A Crossroad

At 27 years old I have finally come to a crossroad in life, One that will make a gigantic change to my life. For almost 10 years now I have working or studied in the computer industry. I worked for a university, A High School and I have worked at 2 computer shops.
Because computers were something I found easy to work with, I felt this was the correct career path for me and so a pursued it through life.

I have come to a point now where I'm finding the job mediocre and boring, nothing challenges me anymore and the whole idea of doing this job now to retirement which is 65 years old in England seems some what daunting.

There is an alternative path I would like to pursue.
2 Years ago now I split with my girlfriend who I had been seeing for 6 years, upon breaking up with her I decided to get fit, lose the fat I had put on and live a healthier life style. I have maintained this now for 2 years, I run on a morning, I lift weights in my spare room in my home, which has been converted into a Gym.

I'm tempted to take this to another level, And start training to become a fitness instructor. I have looked into costs, and it's 2000 pounds to train to a standard that allows you to join what is known as the REP. Register for Exercise Professionals.
It is such a change! I would be going from fixing computers, which to be fair is a very unsociable job, to a job where i would be constantly talking and encouraging others to do well.

It really is a big step, but that fact just has me extremely excited


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