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I'll just post some pictures and write a little about them.

This is Kotogawa. It's my fishing and where I trap eels. I plan to buy a casting net ( hopefully today ) and do some bait netting. Might get some suzuki fish later in July. That's when they come up river.

This is actually a fresh water stream but during high tide, the salt water comes in. This stream is in my backyard. If I find a picture of my yard, I'll post it. Also, its where I trap eels.


I usually come here and have a few beers during the hot summer days. I watch the fish jump. Need that casting net I was talking about buying. I think the fish is bonita, but rarely does anyone eat them.


Yep! That's a mini pig farm. Stinky as all heck. Not sure why the local govt. doesn't close it down.



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