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A Bit More Challenging Jlpt 5 Reading Evaluation

Before delving into more JLPT 5 testing, I figured it would be important to reflect to what I've learned or at least was exposed to in my last venture.
Vocabulary-wise, there are a few words that I was introduced to last time and which I've practiced in writing.
① 妹:「いもうと」younger sister
② 弟:「おとうと」younger brother
③ ぐらい:approximation for quantity
④ ごろ:approximation for time
⑤ 曲る:「まがる」to turn
⑥ 後:「あと」after
⑦ もらう:「貰う」to receive
⑧ 売る:「うる」to sell
⑨ 果物:「くだもの」fruit
⑩ 宿題:「しゅくだい」homework
I think 10 words for one test is plenty to focus on at a time. From what I recall reading, 4 to 6 words a day is plenty to memorize.
Grammar (particle)
Grammar-wise, I looked up 「が」further.
I think one aspect of 「が」which I hadn't really assimilated yet was its use with interrogative words in questions. For example:
どの課長ですか?Question word 「どの」used in combination with 「が」.
As for the rest, I'm confident I'll eventually grasp its other various functions through exposure.
Reading Sample Exercise
So I figured this time I'd try some more reading comprehension to see if I can do better than last time. Keep in mind that I have yet to use a traditional textbook to learn the language.

Comments (27):
Today, my friend and I went shopping. This is because three months ago I had seen a movie dvd I was interested into. Once I've bought the DVD, my friend, my older sister and such will watch it together.

I think the right answer in this case is: (2) I went DVD sopping with my friend.

Comments (28):
In my room, there's one table, two isuga (I think it's chair) and one bookcase. Since I have so many books, I'd like a bigger bookcase.
Couple of things I'm not certain here. For one thing, I had to lookup 「いす」which as it turns out I was right means chair 「椅子」. I was right about 「本棚」but I used the wrong word. I didn't mean a bookcase but a bookshelf but it's essentially the same. So one table, two chairs and one bookcase (although the speaker would rather have a bigger one because of the many books).
If we look at the possible answers:

we see that all four pictures have a table and two chairs, which doesn't help to narrow down an answer. (1) and (2) are out of the question because there are too many 「本棚」. (3) would fit more because the books are overflowing which is the problem the speaker was describing.

Comments (29):

So the question is: After Mori has done the photocopies, what is done with the book?
1. Use the boo
k in class.
2. Hand the book over to Minami. (I wasn't familiar with watashimasu as a verb. For some reason, I had ''watashi'' as in ''I'' in my head here. After looking it up I found out that:
渡す / わたす meant to hand over. Which makes the whole sentence suddenly clear to understand. A new word to add to my vocabulary.
3. Buy the book from teacher Nakagawa.
4. Leave it on the desk of teacher Yamaguchi.

Yamaguchi says to leave the book on his desk at the end of the message. So the right answer would be (4) in this case.
I think for the most part after about a month and a half of studying I should be able to pass JLPT 5 with my current level of proficiency. There's still some reading comprehension left available as a sample which is what I'll study next.
Thanks for reading!
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