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My wife and I went to the clinic yesterday for the monthly check.

The baby was doing fine, and my wife was doing fine as well (even though she gained a kilo too much, so she has to lose her weight). I expected to know if it would be a boy or a girl in January but the doctor told us we would be able to find out the next time; Yesterday.

The doctor told us: It's going to be a boy, I'm 70% sure about that because he couldn't see it well (the 70% boy 30% girl had his or her legs together).

What should I think about this lol. 90% or 100% than you can say it's going to be a boy... but 70%? I wonder if he going to say 50% boy 50% girl next time.

lol, guess we have to wait another month to be really sure about it.


Whatever your child will be, I'm sure you'll love him or her just the same. Have you picked out any names yet?
No not yet, because we would like to know what it will be first.

I don't care if it's a boy or a girl as long as it's healthy. But we have been pretty excited for yesterday, and if you then here it's only 70% lol. I can't say for sure as long as it's over 95%.

Well, let's just say that if I was sick and had a 70% chance to live, I'd be making plans for the future!
As long as the baby is healthy and he/she doesn't end up like the boy in your avatar, everything is just fine !
That boy is my little brother :eek:kashi: ;)

... I've started searching for some names, but have not found anything special yet. I don't want a typical name though.
Well all I kan do is wish you two good luck~!
So, GOOD LUCK~! :bow:
Wow a boy. All the trimmings and intangibles of manhood will be your responsibility! He will look to you like an invincible God-man of sorts. What pressure! See, if it's a girl, you get to pamper her behind your wife's back, buy her things; she's 'daddy's little girl'. For the most part the mother is her natural and direct source of information for all things related to womanhood. You merely lavish her with praise and attention when appropriate. (I'm half-joking)

But a boy needs to be moulded with principles and all that, challenged, toughened (all in a good way of course, I don't mean create a little monster!)

So, with that in mind, you must be excited.

By the way, the boy in your avatar is perfect, so funny. Kids get so excited over the smallest things sometimes, it's great to watch. I remember my younger cousin once got something for Christmas he had really been wanting, and got so excited he literally stood up and ran, waving his arms around, screaming with excitement, into the wall. Merry Christmas kid here's a bloody nose for you! I'll never forget that.

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