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3 weaks left

just wonder if people really reed this blogs... No commen at all:(
Well just try it again..
Move is getting real close now.. My mom doesnt allow me to buy new stuf cause we can't take that much with us.. And I have to start seaching out the things I don't want anymore. Just three weaks and I won't live here anymore.. So strange..
And I kissed her !!! Omg I'm going to miss her that much.. Why does this happend at this moment... I wish I could take her with me..
She is from the Phil and really pretty. And a rock girl.. Wow she is almost perfect..and now I have to leave her:( sosoon..


So you're moving to The Netherlands? :eek:
And that just after you kissed a girl you like...
Wow, life is cruel...

But where are you going to live in The Netherlands?
And do you speak the language already?
@ Arlet: I don't speak dutch yet. Just Hallo and hoe gaat het. (it looks a bit like german :D )

Yea I hope to but the distance is really big :(
Well, i have also very good friends in france and i dont see them much either :(
But we can call for free every weekend, and we email alot.

If you want any help learning the dutch language, i'll be very happy to help you with that. (I love languages, maybe you can help me improving my french).

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