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28 days later..

.. I won't talk about the great zombie movie "28 days later", but I'm happily to announce you something else. In about 28 days I'll be living in Tokyo for 3 months. My first planned trip was supposed to be 3 weeks, staying with my host family (see previous post), but now it turns out I'll be staying till late June.

It has something to do with my hobby; performing. I won't tell you (yet) what I do, but rest assured it's nothing illegal and kids love it. I have a deal with a sports brand to perform in Tokyo. I haven't cancelled my stay with my host family for the first 3 weeks. The rest of the time I'll be staying in an appartment.

I'm very happy and excited that's for sure. Can't believe that out of all the countries in the world, Japan is especially interested in what I do. Yet, it's serious work and living on my own for 2 months is new to me.

I've given up my studies from college for this year, seems like the course I took wasn't really my cup of tea after all.

Anyway, I tought 2008 would be a calm last year for me in my home country before my study intentions in Japan. Or, who knows after 3 months of Japan I may have had enough of the country and the people, and my future path is leading to elsewhere.

I highly doubt that though..


Congratulations on your extended stay in Japan! I really hope you have fun, especially with the performance you going to do in Japan!

Best wishes for the opportunities that are ahead of you and hope your choice leads to an exciting and productive life and career!

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