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12) Karate Training with Akamine Sensei - Okinawa 2019


Back in the south, on my last day before flying back to Nagoya, we had a little "gokurou-san!" dinner party after training, both for me . Ritsuko-san made some delicious yakisoba and I brought a Bueno chicken with me. My friend had told me that this was a famous chicken and a common thing to bring to parties and picnics. When I first described it he hadn't heard of Bueno Chicken, but when I cracked my backpack open and the smell of garlic filled our nostrils, he "Oh! This is just like Rico Chicken! The recipe is from Argentina." I guess the garlic roast chicken in Haebaru is sold under a different name, but they were more impressed that I had biked all the way to Urasoe to get it. After enjoying our meals for a bit with one of the fathers, I gave my other "thank you" gifts, including a set of yo-yos for the kids from Yo-Yo Store Rewind, and a bottle of awamori for sensei called 美玉 "bi-dama," in honor of the 美 "bi" I hope to develop in my kata. In Japanese, Bi-dama means marble, so the bottle is round like a marble, and it's wrapped in small netting, making it a pretty ornament for display. Lastly, I brought a handful of photos I had taken and printed to share with them.



I taught the kids the basics, based on my friend's presentation at the elementary schools. They picked it up very quickly, not surprising the adults at all. I rode back to Sora House for the last time with a heartfelt "ittekimasu," knowing that I'd be back someday.


Note to self: don't forget about Sora-chan and the strays of Midorigaoka park.

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