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ブログの更新をしたくても、なかなか出来ません。アッ プしたい写真も貯まってしまって、タイミングを逃して しまいました。

あっという間に、師走(しわす)ですね。日本では、忙 しい時期に入ります。皆さんのところではいかがですか ?

I've meant to post something new on my blog and have some photos I meant to upload but missed the timing.

December is arriving so quickly. It is a busy time of the year in Japan. How is it where you live?


Haven't got a Japanese font pack at work so I must reply in English. (_ _ ;)

For some reason, it's incredibly slow in my department right now. I attempt to look busy and seem productive, but in fact I am studying Japanese via the internet at my computer. I recently found a webpage of reading exercises on MIT's website so I'm reading that. It's actually quite helpful! (^ ^)

I would imagine though, that many others unlike myself are quite busy at work, especially in the retail industry, so I apologize humbly for being such namakemono. (_ _) Believe me, if I had work to do I'd gladly do it; busy days go quicker than slow ones and I'm running out of online Japanese exercises!

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