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歌!! しょうか, しょうか。

Oh my gosh, I really can't find any songs to sing. :emoji_frowning2:
My voice is ugly, but I wanted to post a video on Youtube.
I'm not that sure anymore.
I just recorded myself singing Angela Aki's ´Never is a promise´.
THAT WAS REALLY BAD! :emoji_flushed:
But I like to sing..
Oh dear, I'm feeling so embarrassed.
I have always thought that I've got an ugly voice. It's true.
But what shall I think, when my classmates and teachers thinks that my voice is great?
ARGH! That's so damn confusing!
I think I'll get that video out of my head.
Byee! ~~~~ :emoji_wave:


You just go with what YOU believe, SaruSaru. If you truly believe you have an ugly voice, you DO! NEVER let your classmates and teachers tell you otherwise!!!
I would like to hear you before you make such judgements. You might actually be good at singing. I sing and write lyrics. But if you really think you are bad at something let another singer decide if you suck. Better to be humble.

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