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Hey everyone! I hope you Jrefers are doing well where ever you are in the world! :)
This Friday I finished the last of my exams. I was sooo happy! My first semester was finished just like that! My Japanese exam seemed pretty easy strangely enough...but still I'm afraid of my final mark though ><. I want a good final mark so I can go to Japan on exchange next year!
The Japanese exam was made up of a multi choice section, an english -> Japanese translation section, a short kanji section (where we had to write the correct reading to underlined kanji in the sentence as well as the english meaning) and the final section was to write a short answer to 2 out of 4 questions on Japanese society (in Japanese). I think I did pretty OK throughout most of it...I'm a little unsure about the answers I gave in the last section....but I hope things turn out ok!
Oh and for Ashikaga-san, Yano-sensei wore a black business like pants with a creamy coloured top, a long black (woolen?) coat and a creamy coloured scarf. She has longish permed black hair, I think she is about 150-160 cm tall, a thin build and has brown coloured eyes. Shall I organise a date? I think she is about your age :) If I was straight I'd think she would be very hot! 😊
This thursday, Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3 was released! For the longest time I've been waiting for this game! Hideo Kojima-sama is my idol and so far this game has not disappointed me! Snake is so cool!
I will offer my full review and thoughts on the final (?) game of the MGS saga when I finish it....I wonder if Snake's story will finally meet it's end...
See you next time :)


A creamy colored top, you say? With a black coat and a black pair of business pants? A creamy colored scarf?

Just a touch of femininity brought out by the scarf and the top (probably of silky material, eh?) inside the professional, dark toned exterior.... The woman is good. VERY good. She certainly knows what she is doing.

She is MY age??? AND she is single??? Forget it. There must be something wrong with her.... ( I am kiddingggggg!!!)

I hope she will give you good mark. お疲れさま~!

Well....I have no idea if she is single XD. But I think she is quite friendly with Takimoto-sensei (the only male Japanese teacher in the faculty).

Thank you Ashikaga-san ^^;

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