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Once upon a time I was recording some talented folk. Street performers in Nanba, creating an amazing performance. To do this, I always make sure to record audio with my phone, which I put on a surface aimed at the street performers, in this case, on the edge of the bench close to them. The usual, except there was an old lady behind me (other side of the bench) who seemed homeless. To this day I'm still not 100% sure what she said to me at first, but maybe she wanted me to get out of the way of her view. I tried to make sure I was not blocking her view, but if I was minimally doing so, she could've moved to a different part of the bench she was sitting on. I was trying my best to still manage to keep the street performers in frame, and did my best to stand in front of a pole. Anyway, she definitely was trying to say something to me at first, but I didn't understand for three main reasons;
1. Her old lady accent was too thick
2. 聞き取りのはちょっと苦手
3. There was loud music playing
After she stopped for a while, I assumed anything she was saying after that was to the street performers, as I had already moved as best I could out of her way. Eventually though, maybe after 10-15 minutes, she got up, seemingly kind of angry, and in walking past me she ended up knocking my phone off of the bench (by accident). In response to this, she looked at me directly and yelled 「死ね!!」 in what I can only describe as the voice of an old witch hag. She then continued to walk off. So, that was my first and only experience of a Japanese person mistreating me in real life :ROFLMAO:

I'm fully aware that most of them aren't like that, and I could tell from the start that she was not quite a nice person. My few other experiences with eldery Japanese people were nice, including when a woman dropped her ticket at the train station and I picked it up for her, and she kindly said ありがとうございます(^-^) those are the true moments to be cherished.
Took me a while to get to writing this one, and not even sure if I'll ever get to finishing my entire book on my 3 months in Japan, but I'll do my best to document in an immediate fashion for my next trip, so the next book can be written as I experience it.
and thanks for the idea to make this into a journal entry @mdchachi
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This is a Japan memory for good or bad. I feel like you should start wearing a body cam so we can analyze all the utterances sent your way. :D
You know, I might actually start recording daily footage more often, or at least audio, when I'm there. and what's even funnier, I'm pretty sure I caught the whole situation in the camera audio (wasn't facing the old lady though)
I'll share it here if it's possible
Maybe she just didn't like you taking her picture so overtly? Some people, whether Japanese or not, don't like it when someone photographs them without their permission.

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