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カラオケが嫌いだね。私 は 歌 わせられないよ><

先週の土曜日は日本のクッラブのカラオケのパーチーでした!とても楽しかったね!私 は 歌 わせられないね。。。しかるにがんばりますよ!宇多田光るの 「Eternally」 を 歌いました。 これの歌は一番好きだ、ではどきどきしていた><。 けど楽しかっただね。 お 酒 を よく飲んだかもねw

Hey all you JREFers! I hope you all are doing well wherever you are in the world :)
Sorry about the long gaps in posts ^^ I've been so busy with my part time job lately and the weather in Melbourne has been so cold....so much so I think I've caught one ><; Immune system....GANBATTE NE! akiramenai yo! :cheer:
Other than that though...there was the Japanese club's end of semester Karaoke party last Saturday. I really dislike karaoke >< I really can't hold a note to save my life ^^;; Its OK if I'm sufficiently drunk and don't remember how badly i sung :p. But there was a competition to have Australian members sing a Japanese song and Japanese members sing an English song so we all tried out and I decided I'd sing Eternally by Utada Hikaru. Its a very simple song...I don't know why I liked it so much.

Miyuki-chan decided to sing "Ode to My Family" by the Cranberries. I'm a huge fan of the Cranberries and I was so impressed at how well she pulled it off! She has a really pretty voice and it brought back memories of listening to the Cranberries when I was in High school. As the night progressed there was a lot of Asahi and Kirin being downed and I think we had a few hangovers the next morning but overall it was a lot of fun and I think everyone had a great time.

In the next meeting we'll be organising a welcoming event for incoming Japanese exchange students for semester 2. We took the Semester 1 students to the Beach since it was the middle of summer...and it was a good success! Although I think we need to bring more beer next time. I think since its the middle of winter we might take them indoor rock climbing...or even a paintball competition!
A Paintball centre opened up last year not far from uni so I think that would be heaps of fun!
Anyway regardless of what we choose we will need more beer...yes /nod. lol.
See you next time :)


俺はカラオケはめったに行かないけど、行くときには必ず 渥美 清 の 「男はつらいよ」を歌います。 セリフつきでw

あ、それから ニラナパ って何?

カラオケ somehow changed to 「ニラナパ」 when i posted it....I have NO IDEA HOW! It's really irritating...whenever I post more than a few lines in Japanese it becomes all glitchy and some characters just dont appear correctly....its frustrating...

Haha yeah I try not to Karaoke either if possible...lol but they kept bugging me about it until I gave in lol. I would like to do Karaoke in Japan at least once perhaps :)

Forgive me if this is a silly question but :

セリフ (台詞) is dialogues, lines or soliloquy as in a play. You know when a couple of lines are spoken during the intro of a song?

Oh, and about the Japanese letters coming up all screwy, I was having the same problem until Mikawa Ossan suggested that I put a "half space" before and after the character/word and that took care of the problem for me.
I am guessing you are using IME to type Japanese script, right? Select "Half Width" and insert spaces using that. If that doesn't work, contact a moderator or an admin and they should be able to help you out. There is always a good chance that I am explaining it all wrong...lol

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