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じゃ、私の時間は英語の 先生 をはじまるか。。

学生は本当親切だね、笑顔 で「ありがとう、ありがとう」とよく言われた。 気持ちいだね。学生がビルマ人でしたから 英語は上手じゃなった、では私はがんばりますね。私の 学生は家族の3人がいます。ご主人は 英語をちょっと話しますが、奥さんの英語をあまり話しません。奥さんはたくさんの時間 が英語 を 教えるね。。けどご主人を劣るほしくない。
So my time as a English tutor has begun. (Is there a Japanese word for "tutor" I wonder? Or is it always "sensei"...)
Hey everyone! I hope everyone all you JREFers are doing well wherever you are in the world...
Well this week I finally wrapped my training at AMES and officially I'm a "Volunteer english tutor" with a shiny certificate to prove it! I met my students this wednesday...a small Burmese family of 3 living in Mount Waverley, about 10 or so minutes from where I live. I was really so very nervous...I had some trouble looking for the house and I had to drive up and down the street a few times since I get lost terribly easily....It was a fairly old weatherboard house with an overgrown garden and a small verandah.
I approached the door and they opened it before I even got there! The wife greeted me at the door with this huge smile and motioned for me to enter saying "thank you thank you" to me. The husband was sitting on the couch in front of the TV watching the news and playing with their young son (who I guessed was about 2 or 3). I introduced myself and I sat down with the husband while the wife went to prepare some tea.
First of all I tried to guage how much the husband knew and it seems he knew some basic english such as "Hello, How are you, My name is..." etc. and could introduce his wife and his baby son. But he had trouble with things like expressions of time and date. He also could count up to 100 in english fairly competently and could recognise numbers on a number chart I had made. He could write his name and his address in english. His greatest need would be to get a job in Australia so being able to read and interpret job advertisements, basic english expressions and navigating public transport would be his most immediate need. He also attends government english classes setup by AMES so he also showed me his homework which we also went through.
I eventually came to the assess the wife's english and it seemed she is a bit weaker than the husband. She had a lot of trouble distinguishing forty from forteen, fifty from fifteen, seventy from seventeen etc. She had trouble writing her address and writing her name in english. She too had trouble with expressing the time and date. Unfortunately she cannot attend english classes because of the need to take care of their son...so I believe she will need the most work, but I also dont want the husband to fall behind either.
The night ended positively, the wife gave me some sweet cakes and they kept asking me to have dinner with them, I politely declined saying I had already eaten. They thanked me again and again for coming tonight as I said my goodbye and told them that I would see them at the same time next week.
Overall while I was quite nervous I felt quite good at the end of it. There was a lot of work ahead for both of them...but hopefully we can get there in the end. My Trainer said often there will be weeks or even months where you feel like nothing is getting through....then all of a sudden...it clicks and everything starts to fall into place. As a Tutor I'm in charge of the teaching, my students will learn what they can learn from me.
So I'm extremely grateful for my students kindness and gratitude esspecially after all that they'd been through getting to Australia. I hope I can learn as much from them as they do from me.
Until next time everyone


So, you have to tutor the couple together at the same time? That sounds tough when each of them have a different level of English. Anyway, good luck to you. Oh, and next week, don't eat before you go. I want to know what a typical Burmese dinner is like.
Yeah it would be tough, but my trainer said not to worry too much when faced with two students. I just have to alternate different sets of work between the both of them. They are both very keen students so thats not a problem for me. The young son might start school when he is 4 or 5 so maybe then the mother can start to take formal classes.

lol I'll report on the burmese dinner next week ;)

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