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から Vs に Vs へ Vs Made (fixed) Part 1

Hello guys,
Sorry I made a mistake in the last entry. It was the same as the previous one. This is entry is the good one.
I had already started this exercise but lost all of my progress for some reason so here it is again.

Exercise #1 to #10
#1. コンサートホール「」たくさん人が出てきました。
① に: I thought the answer would be に as in direction of an action.
The right answer was から, movement from point of origin. It's always the same problem where particles are not seem to encroach on one another. The thing is, you need to pick the particle which is the most precise. If two particles could be used, you really need to ask yourself what you want to say.
#2. 君、きのうは何時「まで」テレビを見たの?

#3. あなたはいつ「から」この村に住んでいますか?
から: origin of a point of time.

#4. わたしは去年の六月に東京「から」大阪「まで」来ました。来年の三月「まで
① から: 東京 is the point of origin.
② まで: 大阪 is the destination.
③ まで: until
④ へ: destination
② is actually に. Don't know why. I'll ask the forums.

#5. ワシントン「①から」モスクワ「②まで」、飛行機で、どれくらいかかりますか?
① から&② まで:from and to.

I'll be making shorter entries from now on otherwise they just get too long to read.


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