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から Vs に Vs へ Vs まで Part 3

This is a follow up to my two previous entries about the four particles. This time I'll be doing from #11 to #15.
Exercise #10 to 15
#11. わたしは広島「①」行きたいんですが、電車は何番線「②から」出ますか?
へ:destination ➡広島
から:the translation of the sentence reads: ''but from which platform'' indicating a point of origin.


#12. 指輪をなくしたので、部屋の隅「①から」隅「②まで」探しましたが、見つかりませんでした。
Note: I really wasn't familiar with so I had to look it up. I'm slightly puzzled as to what the construction might mean here. I'm thinking this is a verbal phrase which means to look "from one to corner to another corner" (literally.)


#13. 飛行機が出る「①まで」まだ二時間あります。食事をして「②?」
① まで:So a particle modifies what precedes it, i.e. "flight departure". I think I'd say まで here. My book translates まで as "until" (among other words). So until the flight departure, there is still 2 hours. That sounds about right.
② This one I'm not sure about. It's not as I've looked all definitions for it and nothing really fits... I have no idea so I'll check the answer.
から was the right answer. I guess it's the reason or cause here?

#14. この漫画は面白い「①から」君「②」貸してあげるよ。
から:「面白い」 is an adjective so the function of から is the reason/cause; since it's so funny, I'll lend it to you.
:君➡indirect object of「貸して」。


#15. 空が暗くなくってきた「①から」また雨が降るよ。梅雨はいつ「②まで」続くのだろう。
から:This is a fairly typical "reason/cause" から which is preceded by a verb ("the sky is getting dark").
まで:I think this is case of "until". Shows the extent to which a situation has reached.

So it's going very well with only one or two instances I wasn't sure about (more like one). I'll continue with #16 to #20 in my next entry.

Thanks for reading.


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