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から Vs に Vs へ Vs まで Part 2 (almost Perfect)

This is a follow up to my previous entry where I explore and try to understand the distinctions between the four particles.
Exercise #6 to 10
#6. 今日はストライキで電車が走っていません「①から」、うち「②から」会社「③まで」歩いて行きました。
① から:used to indicate the reason for something: a subordinate conjunction which expresses a reason or a cause. This is clearly the case here as the reason why the person is walking is because of the strike.
② & ③ :から&まで I think this is a typical construction of starting point & arrival point.


#7. 「①から」いん石が落ちできた。
①から:空, meaning "sky", is a place, a location. A particle which indicates a starting point or source. The starting point is the sky or you could say that the source is the sky.

#8. 東京「①から京都「②まで」新幹線で二時間半ぐらいかかります
①&②:から&まで:this is a fairly simple sentence structure. Both 東京 & 京都 are both cities or places as indicated in blue. Tokyo is the starting point while Kyoto is the arrival point. The sentence is different in vocabulary but similar in structure.

#9. 僕は今日は疲れた「①から」遊びに行かない。
①から:This, again, is very simple for #9 (usually sentences get gradually harder, especially around #15 and over. This is the reason why the person doesn't want to go and play.

#10. わたしは、金曜日「①まで」「②」日本語の作文を書かなければならない「③から」映画を見るのは来週
①&②:まで&に: to have to do something by a certain time. This was explained to me by another member interestingly enough. I remembered it and when I saw the two particles one next to another, I knew it was the right answer.
③:から:all of the clause in orange is the reason why, it's the explanation of a cause as seen previously.

④:I'm not sure about this one. I need to think about this. 「映画を見るのは来週」is a point time, it's temporal. "Next week" is a point in time. Ultimately I'm going with に: indicates a point in time at which s.t. takes place.
Well I made a mistake on the last one. I wasn't precise enough. It's not just a point in time, it's a temporal limit.


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