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History Shikken (執権)

Shikken (執権) – the regent for the shōgun during the Kamakura shogunate. The Hōjō clan monopolised the shikken post and was, therefore, the effective ruler of Japan.

The shikken (執権) was a titular post held by a member of the Hōjō clan, officially a regent of the shogunate, from 1199 to 1333, during the Kamakura period , the de facto head of the bakufu (shogunate). It was part of the era referred to as Regent Rule (執権政治, Shikken Seiji). During roughly the first half of that period, the shikken was Japan's de facto military dictator (not including the independent Northern Fujiwara). The title of shikken was modified as second in command to the Tokusō in 1256, but by the Muromachi period (1333–1573), the position, though not abolished, did not even figure in the top ranks. The position ceased to exist after the Muromachi period. The word shikken is the on'yomi reading of the combination of the two kanji characters 執 and 権, each meaning "to hold (something in hand, or a service or ceremony); to administer", "power, authority" respectively. Therefore the word means "to hold power/authority".

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