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History Ritsuryō (律令)

Ritsuryō (律令) – the East Asian historical law system based on the philosophies of Confucianism and Chinese Legalism. In Japan, ritsuryō was in effect during the late Asuka period, the Nara period and the early Heian period . The Taihō-ritsuryō (大宝律令, Code of Taihō) was a key element of the ritsuryō.

Ritsuryō (律令) is the historical law system based on the philosophies of Confucianism and Chinese Legalism in Japan. The political system in accord with Ritsuryō is called "Ritsuryō-sei" (律令制). Kyaku (格) are amendments of Ritsuryō, Shiki (式) are enactments. Ritsuryō defines both a criminal code (律, Ritsu) and an administrative code (令, Ryō). During the late Asuka period (late 6th century – 710) and Nara period (710–794), the Imperial Court in Kyoto , trying to replicate China's rigorous political system from the Tang dynasty, created and enforced some collections of Ritsuryō. Over the course of centuries, the ritsuryō state produced more and more information which was carefully archived; however, with the passage of time in the Heian period, ritsuryō institutions evolved into a political and cultural system without feedback. In 645, the Taika reforms were the first signs of the implementation of the system.

Heian Period - Part 2

History  Heian Period - Part 2

Heian Period (794-1185) Heian Period (Part 1): Heiankyō, institutions, politics and government Heian Period (Part 2): land tenure Heian Period (Part 3): cultural life, religion, literature, art Heian land tenure In the mid-seventh century, the ruling family in Yamato maintained an unstable...

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