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History Kannō disturbance (観応擾乱)

Kannō disturbance (観応擾乱, Kannō Jōran), also called Kannō incident – a 1350 factional struggle with serious consequences pitting Ashikaga Tadayoshi, Takauji's brother, against the Kō brothers, Moronao and Moroyasu. See also the article Nanboku-chō period.

The Kannō disturbance or Kannō incident (観応擾乱, Kannō Jōran), also called Kannō no juran, was a civil war which developed from antagonisms between shōgun Ashikaga Takauji and his brother, Ashikaga Tadayoshi, thus dividing and weakening the early Ashikaga shogunate. These events are labelled Kannō after the Japanese era or nengō which was proclaimed by the Northern Court during the years 1350 through 1351 in the Nanboku-chō period of Japanese history. One of the main effects of the Disturbance was the re-invigoration of the Southern Court's war effort due to the flow of renegades from Kyoto who followed Tadayoshi to the Southern capital of Yoshino, near Nara.

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