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Food Ika (イカ)

Ika (いか) is the Japanese term for squid and cuttlefish. Several prized varieties, including aori, sumi, and hotaru ika, are used for sushi and sashimi. The surume ika is one of the most common types found in Japan. Raw squid and cuttlefish are typically crunchy in texture and mild-flavoured. Popular or regional Japanese squid dishes include ika yaki, the sub-style ika shoga yaki (ginger squid), ika somen, ika no shiokara, and ika karaage.

Ika (squid, cuttlefish)


  • Dried squid (スルメ, also called "atari-me" because of reference to good luck)
  • Whole dried (丸干し maruboshi) and smoked (燻製 kunsei)
  • Grilled squid (イカ焼き, grilled squid, whole grilled squid, grilled squid)
  • Sashimi (刺身, live squid, squid sashimi, squid somen)
  • Sushi (寿司)
  • Squid tokkuri (イカ徳利, a traditional Japanese seafood product made by shaping the body of a squid into a tokkuri shape and drying it.
  • Stewed food
  • Tempura
  • Fried squid
  • Fried squid (カラマリ, squid rings)
  • Squid rice (烏賊飯 ikameshi)
  • Salted squid (塩いか shioika)
  • Shiokara (塩辛 shiokara)
  • Okizuke (沖漬け, a dish made by marinating squid, horse mackerel, or whiting in soy sauce; when marinaded, it is called "ika no okizuke")
  • Squid tombi (烏鳶, crow tombi)
  • Squid ink soup (イカ墨汁, shiroka soup)
  • Rube squid guts (内臓, innards)
  • Noshiika (伸し烏賊, a type of dried squid, often served as a snack to go with alcohol)
  • Sakiika (さきいか)

It is also used as an ingredient in fried dishes such as fried kamaboko.

Kanji: 烏賊/鰞/柔魚/魷/墨魚/鰂)
Kana: イカ
Romaji: Ika

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