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Food Hanpen 半片

Hanpen (半片) is a white fish paste (擂り身 surimi) product.

Hanpen (半片)

Hanpen is a white, square, triangle or round surimi product (fish or meat paste) with a soft, mild taste. It is believed to have been invented during the Edo period in Japan by a chef, Hanpei (半平) of Suruga, and the dish is named after him. Another theory suggests that because it is triangle-shaped and appears to have been cut in half from a square, it is a half (半, han) piece (片, pen). It can be eaten as an ingredient in oden or soup. It can also be fried or broiled. In Shizuoka Prefecture, whole sardines are used, and the resulting product is bluish-grey. This is called kurohanpen (黒はんぺん), literally "black hanpen". Hanpen is made from grated Japanese mountain yam, "surimied" Alaska pollock, salt, and seaweed stock (kombu-dashi).

Kanji: 半片
Kana: はんぺん
Romaji: hanpen

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