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History Genrō (元老)

Genrō (元老) – an unofficial term for retired Japanese statesmen considered "founding fathers" of modern Japan who served as informal advisors to the emperor during the Meiji and Taishō periods.

The institution of genrō originated with the traditional council of elders (Rōjū) common in the Edo period; however, the term genrō appears to have been coined by a newspaper only in 1892. The term is sometimes confused with the Genrōin (Chamber of Elders), a legislative body that existed from 1875–1890; however, the genrō were not related to establishing that body or its dissolution.

Genrō  (元老) - the elder Meiji statesmen

History  Genrō (元老) - the elder Meiji statesmen

Genrō (元老, lit. the original elders”) was the unofficial designation given to the “founding fathers” or elder statesmen of Meiji Japan (1868-1912) who became chief advisers to the emperor with the right to select and recommend prime ministers to the emperor for an appointment. Historians agree...

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