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Food Edamame 枝豆

Edamame (枝豆) is the Japanese term for green soybeans in the pod.

In Japan, the name edamame - commonly used to refer to the dish - means "stem beans" (枝 eda "branch", "stem" and 豆 mame "bean"), because the beans were often sold while still attached to the stem.

Edamame are prepared with green soybeans in the pod. The pods are boiled or steamed and may be served with salt or other condiments. When the beans are removed from the pod, they are referred to as mukimame (むき豆). Edamame is a common side dish in Japanese cuisine and an appetizer to alcoholic beverages such as beer or shōchū. As an ingredient edamame is found in both sweet and savoury dishes such as takikomi gohan (炊き込み御飯), tempura (天麩羅), and zunda-mochi (ずんだ餅).

Kanji: 枝豆
Kana: えだまめ
Romaji: edamame

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