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Food Dobujiru どぶ汁

Dobujiru (どぶ汁) is a type of nabe made from ankō (angler fish). it is considered a delicacy and quite pricey.

Dobujiru originally referred to ankō-nabe, a dish that fishermen in the northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture ate on board their boats at a time when anglerfish was not yet generally known as a delicacy. It did not require any water and could be prepared simply by bringing in vegetables such as radish, miso and a pot (nabe), making it convenient for cooking on board. Above all, it was valuable because of its high nutritional value. The name comes from the angler's liver dissolves, and the soup becomes muddy. Dobu means 'all' or "everything", and some people believe that it is called dobujiru because all parts of the anglerfish are added.

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