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Food Dango 団子

Dango (団子) is the Japanese term for mochi (もち) dumplings served on bamboo skewers.

Dango (団子) is a Japanese dumpling made from rice flour mixed with uruchi rice flour and glutinous rice flour. It is different from the method of making mochi, which is made after steaming glutinous rice. Dango is usually finished round shaped, three to five dango are often served on a skewer (skewered dango pieces called kushi-dango (串団子). Generally, dango comes under the category of wagashi (和菓子) and is often served with green tea. It is eaten year-round, but the different varieties are traditionally eaten in given seasons.

There are many different types of dango, the names of which are usually derived on the topping or flavour:

  • An-dango or anko dango (あんこ団子) are coated with azuki bean paste. Sometimes, shiroan, a sweet paste made from white beans, is used instead of anko. An-dango is the most popular of all the dango varieties in Japan.
  • Botchan Dango (坊っちゃん団子): Speciality from Matsuyama with three dango of different colours. One is coloured with anko, one with egg yolk and one with matcha.
  • Goma dango (ごま団子) with sesame seeds. It tastes both sweet and salty.
  • Kinako dango (きなこ団子): roasted soybean flour.
  • Mitarashi Dango (みたらし団子): a syrup made from soy sauce, sugar and starch.
  • Nori: dango with dried and seasoned nori.

Kanji: 団子
Kana: だんご
Romaji: dango

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