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Food Chahan チャーハン

Chahan (チャーハン) is the Japanese term for fried rice, a dish that is typically fried or stir-fried in a wok. Rice is used as a primary ingredient, and countless additional ingredients can be used, such as vegetables, onion, garlic, edible mushrooms such as shiitake, tofu, pork, pork belly, seafood such as crab meat, roe, salmon, shrimp and octopus, scrambled egg, ground beef and chicken broth, among others.

Chahan (チャーハン/炒飯, chāhan), also known as Yakimeshi (焼飯), is a Japanese fried rice dish prepared with rice as a primary ingredient and myriad additional ingredients and seasonings. Chahan may have originated in the 1860s from Chinese immigrants arriving at the port of Kobe. Chahan is a staple food in homes in Japan.[1] A variation of the dish is takana chahan. Some restaurants outside Japan serve the dish as a part of their fare. Chahan may have originated from Chinese immigrants who arrived at the port of Kobe, Japan in the 1860s. In Chinese, fried rice is called chǎofàn (炒飯); these same Chinese characters have a Japanese reading of Chāhan.

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