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Yan Emperor 's birthday was celebrated in Suizhou(隨州) on 1st June.

Feb 25, 2007
It is said Yan and Huang emperors are the forebears of the Chinese people.Yandi(Yan Emperor) was born on 26th,April(the Chinese lunar year calendar).Suizhou holds the traditional rite to worship and remember our ancestor Yandi.I have collected some photos to be shared here.

Suizhou(隨州) belongs to Sui/Zeng Country in the Warring States Period.The king of Sui had crush on the traditional chimes,he ordered the labours to create the most significant bronze chimes,and being buried with him after he passed away. In 1978,the Warring State Brone Chime was unearthed in Suizhou,Hubei province.It's being displayed at the provincial museum in Wuhan (武漢)now.


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