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Why is Japan provoking neighbouring countries?

May 19, 2006
PM visits Yusukuni, nationalised DiaoYu/Sentaku and now reinterpret the constitution in order to re-arm.

Japan is only again making Asian unstable after 70 years of piece.
Oct 4, 2012
Japan already re-armed. And Japan has plenty of arms to throw back China if China tried to invade at this time because China has prepared for war on land and in the air, but not on the seas.

But Japan is not the only country destabilizing the region. The way I see it, it started with America. America has been doing its best to get in everyone's faces, especially North Korea and China. China took a long time to react but finally did. And now Japan is reacting to China, in some ways wisely and in some ways not.

Politician's visits to Yasukuni are not meant to antagonize China even if it has that effect. They visit Yasukuni to please the people who vote for them. Unfortunately Japanese people are either for Yasukuni or they are neutral/ambivalent. So politicians can't lose voters for going. Its much the same for denials of war crimes (which visiting Yasukuni is really).

Nationalizing Diaoyu was the dumb move of the century. But of course everyone on this side pretends that China just up out of the blue started making moves on the islands and forgets all about the J gov buying the islands. Or they just dismiss Chinese sentiments about that move, which is about as blind as one can be.

The "re-interpretation" of the constitution is even worse than the last re-interpretation. The re-interpreters should be jailed. They are obviously subverting the constitution and the rule of law in order to further power and business interests. They are high-heeled scum. They are traitors. And liars.

They sow fear of China but like I said, Japan is well prepared and would thrash China at this point in time on the seas, even without American help. But they will have American help. The greatest fear is nuclear war, and none of the holes they are poking in the constitution will prevent that, but more likely, make it happen.
Feb 28, 2013
as for right of collective self-defense

Article 51[edit]
Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defense shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.

Charter of the United Nations - Wikisource, the free online library

until now, only Japan was violated it ?^^
I do not know why japan could join UN...
Oct 4, 2012
caster55, are you high?

Nothing you wrote has any relevance to anything. Self defense is a right for U.N. members, not an obligation. And the U.N. charter is not the Japanese Constitution.
Feb 28, 2013
caster55, are you high?

Nothing you wrote has any relevance to anything. Self defense is a right for U.N. members, not an obligation. And the U.N. charter is not the Japanese Constitution.
that is why I told only Japan did not respect article 51
Japan should not join them?
May 19, 2006
Japan did promise to have a pacifist constitution and not maintaining a active military service as promised at the end of WWII, so far Japan has not kept the later promise and is now expanding their military roles and looking to revise their constitution.
Feb 28, 2013
The world changes in comparison with 70 years ago
a decade is almost ancient

Japan did promise to have a pacifist constitution and not maintaining a active military service as promised at the end of WWII, so far Japan has not kept the later promise and is now expanding their military roles and looking to revise their constitution.
is there anything inconvenient things for you?


Doing it for himself
Nov 27, 2012
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Totally agree, he knows it upsets all his neighbours and does it anyway. He's a baby.
nationalised DiaoYu/Sentaku
Totally disagree. China is on a claim rampage, and has massive disputes with Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, and maybe South Korea, and of course, all of Taiwan. China is a super-big baby. Third biggest country in the world isn't enough for that greedy wannabe bully.
and now reinterpret the constitution in order to re-arm.
Totally agree. I think Abe is emotionally about 12 years old. His grandpa helped lose WW II, was labelled a bad guy, and Abe wants to prove Japan is a big boy, ignoring all of reality and history in the process. Young Japanese are pretty cool over all. They love Japan and support it, but they aren't into flexing military muscle. Old Japanese men though...
Japan is only again making Asian unstable after 70 years of piece.
That is supposing China's super militarisation (happening right now) is a sign of stability, as with little Jong-Il and his thoroughly messed up military exercises. Japan is one part of a stupid, ego driven Asia. It really was better off when Japan was the only military power. The competition is making all the East Asian countries feel a need to have a pissing contest.

All in all though, Abe is a terrible leader for Japan. I can handle the bad economy, the ageing population, whatever, but the support for a guy like Abe is the only real black flag I see when considering living here into the future. I'm banking my life on the fact that his support is in the old folks, and those people won't be here in 20 years.
Feb 28, 2013
at first, we should know about the U.S. war philosophy.
you know it as It is made to devise previously.
Pearl Harbor 911....

Russia attribution of this Crimea -- "country since Hitler's annexation of Poland --a tale of warriors who struggled to gain a province

The treasury of the natural gas of deposits 8,800 billion cubic foot called Skifska is located in the Crimea in the southwest area facing the Black Sea.
the Ukraine government will give excavation permission to European and American influence, such as Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch-Shell, and will measure the economic independence from Russia -- it was carrying out
The treasury in the Crimea became a thing of Russia.
European Union has said that it adds economic sanctions to Russia with the United States.

It does not function at all.

as for Germany, 6000 or more companies have marched out in Russia.
Russia is the main investment and the greatest crude-oil importing country in Germany.
Therefore, it is a suicidal act that Germany does economic sanctions to Russia.
France's President is a socialist near Russia, and since Russia is a French creditor country, sanction etc. cannot say it in fact.
The owner of the real estate which was the Lord of London is a Russian, and the large-lot-deposits person of a bank is also a Russian.
frozen accounts...It is a bank in Britain that collapses.
It is possible for the Europe countries only to sing "the sanctions song" that is laughed at by Putin so that it is not laughed by the nation
The United States is increasing crude oil and natural gas by Shale gas revolution
When crude oil and the price of natural gas fall, production stops.
50% or more of the annual revenue of Russia is export of crude oil and natural gas.

Therefore, it is good for Russia and also for the United States that Russian troops and the Ukraine army collide and crude oil and a natural gas price go up.
President Putin will visit China in May and he will reach an agreement for changing 25% of the crude oil and natural gas for Europe to China.
Europe would be in a panic condition..
The United States makes preparation for the crude oil and natural gas which are the grades in which a price does not fall to Europe.
OPEC (Middle East) will disappear from an energy market from now on, and the competitive age of the United States and Russia will come.

......Japan is the Japan-Russia Peace Treaty conclusion, retrocession of the Northern Territories, and the chance for U.S.-Russia energy war to fish in troubled waters by making Russia more advantageous than the United States by Japan-Russia joint resources development in an energy market...though

role of Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama left the United States April for Japan, the first leg of a four-nation trip to East and Southeast Asia during which he will promote the U.S. commitment to the region........

Although Prime Minister Abe should write clearly "The Senkaku Islands is under administrative power of Japan, and the U.S. Forces perform security action by Japan-U.S. security on the occasion of an unexpected situation" in the statement of a Japan-U.S. summit meeting,,,,,

President Obama was dressed in "cowardice" for China
Obama took place of Hilary former Director General
And he appointed Secretary Kelly who do not like the diplomacy backed by power.
He appointed Hegel who insisted on nuclear disarmament, and came against the Vietnam War a new Director General in middle east.
he selected ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice who advocated G2 in a pro-China group as the security charge Assistant of the President.
China which Prime Minister Abe hope is not the place that President Obama hope.
if Japan-U.S. TPP negotiations cannot be settled and finish it, it would be nice for Obama Because he do not issue "hard words" to China.

The original duty of President Obama spoils Xi Jinping more. and It is to let him act an offensive to Senkaku island.
For Russian President Putin, it is to let him go into Ukraine, other former Soviet Union satellites positively.
All the democratization of the former Soviet Union zone fails in the Middle Eastern democratization, too, and the United States withdraws from Eastern Europe and Middle East.
it shows china and Russia that United states run away like loser dog
President Obama achieves his work wonderfully for the moment.

If a dollar of United States is no longer international key currency, U.S. economy will collapse within an instant.
"Shanghai Cooperation Organization" (SCO) aiming at China and Russia taking the lead and driving out a dollar of a market was inaugurated, and participating nations increased in number centering on the countries in Eurasia.
These days, it wishes to participate strongly to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Turkey which the United States democratized by "Arab Spring

China started the preparation which carries out trade and a financial transaction without making an international monetary agreement with South Korea, Japan, Russia, Australia, India, Germany, Brazil, dust, an Arab emirate, and South Africa and intervening a dollar in recent years.
Although Arab oil producing countries had decided oil-trading currency to be a dollar from the former, they have been examining trading in the Japanese yen and the basket currency of Euro as well as Chinese Yuan recently. etc etc

Because the international currency dollar to be able to be called the life of America is a state surrounded by foes, the United States seems to be defeated in currency war.

The United States understands that this is because it became strong that the dollar is made to rise in the difficult situation so that the middle state of the nation exceeds the United States in the armaments and economic power though The fund in the world concentrated on NY and NY stock price has updated the peak price.

"The United States is a potential financial crisis state.
The military strength also becomes below China soon."
if china believes this, China would lose the currency war
Because the Obama Administration is the government to spoil China

World assets become the wastepaper by the sudden fall of the world currency, and China loses 60% of foreign reserve, and the expansionism fails..then it goes like Pearl Harbor
anyway I imagine China will buy energy for the United States at a historic high for the China's economy continuation

The United States gains "U.S. freedom."
It is a national policy of amelia and is the "truth" for an American.
U.S. freedom" is "freedom of a U.S. sake", and is "the freedom for U.S. profits."
In Japan, "freedom of America" became the textbook
Japan can be over neither the politics nor the economy from a limit to expect of America.
"U.S. freedom" cannot slip out of the world market used as a principle from "the market which the dollar of U.S. discretion governs."
The United States pays a debt with the dollar demand which the world creates in the world market which a dollar sways, and it is continuing luxury.

"Freedom in the world" would drive "U.S. freedom" into the end. someday

it is sure The 20th century was just a time of Pax Americana.
The United States fought with seven years or more of terrorism in the Middle East.
The Isram Taliban regime of Afghanistan and the Saddam Hussein Administration of Iraq were overthrown, and the parliamentary system democratic entity by election was established. However, a soul was not put into them.
Neither an internal trouble nor terrorism dies out.
The United States gave up the 2 front strategy of the Middle East and Asia.
It will concentrate on "1 Front strategy" which thinks Asia as important.
The Chinese military strength is reinforced in Asia every year.
Furthermore, China is going to carry out effective control of the Senkaku Islands, and check the U.S. Forces of Okinawa.
Although the Department of Defense of the United States tried to oppose with China enclosure strategy called Air See Buttle with the ally and friendly nation of Asia, such as Japan, Australia, India, and the Philippines, President Obama feared and stopped confrontation intensification with China.
On the other hand, China and Russia are advancing dollar exclusion for 30 or more nations and currency-swaps (swap) contract including Japan from conclusion and mutual commerce dealings in order to drive into abolition the dollar standard system which is a U.S. lifeline.
Russian President Putin, the country president in Xi Jinping, and the summit meeting were performed, and China made the contract which receives the huge crude oil supply called about 41 trillion yen from Russia.
While changing the natural gas of Russia supplied to Europe until now to China expected to Chinese energy stability, Russia could stop the Europe-oriented natural gas pipeline at any time.
Russia has expanded influence to the old Soviet Union territory steadily.
The result of Putin's visit to China is not reservation of the source of gas.
It is the declaration of war of a political alliance and the energy war for the U.S. which opposes the United States, China and Russia.

Japan already recognizes it as U.S. a core and Japan-U.S. security being unreliable.
In dollar standard system abolition, although Russia keeps pace with China, it has concern in the huge expansion of the Chinese military strength.
Russia is approaching Japan of Japan-U.S. security maintenance.
that is, Russia is going to check China and the United States

The U.S. dollar changed from Nixon Shock (exchange system abolition with gold and a dollar) to Fiat Currency (currency of only a title without security) on August 15, 1971.
Also after that, the dollar was able to settle at the cunning U.S. strategy with key currency as currency in the world.
The United States will teach other advanced nation central banks, and they will publish Fiat Currency without any restriction if needed .

finally ,The Bank of Japan note rule" collapsed by Kuroda different dimension money market relaxation at last in April, 2013.
having abolished the gold standard which international key currency can exchange for gold, the currency in the world lost the trust base
The United States guided the Middle East oil producing countries centering on Saudi Arabia for fulfilling the energy demand in the world for the privilege of a dollar standard system, and responsibility execution.
OPEC was made in 1960 and it succeeded in making Middle East oil-trading currency into a dollar in exchange for the security of the Middle East (except for Iraq and Iran) oil producing countries.
The more the world imported Middle Eastern crude oil, the more the United States was preparing the demand of dollars, and a base with increasing approval before Nixon Shock.
Since the transaction currency of that about 60% of world trade is dealt with in the dollar and Middle East crude oil is a dollar, the credit collapse of the dollar by Nixon Shock is avoided, and dollar value has continued being maintained.
However, it is the accumulated debt of a constant budget deficit and defaults by waste of war on the Vietnam War, Afghan War, Middle East War, and terror.
The United States fell into reduction of the military budgets at last.
The Obama Administration cannot but declare at last "The United States is not a policeman in the world any longer" by the military budget which continues reduction.
What rises in police officer absence society? 、、
It is overrunning of fraud and the robbery
The news of the insider trading of the major investment banks of NY and fraud dealings does not cease.
The amount of a guilty verdict fine of the bank amounts to several 1 trillion yen.
Now, the dishonest act of a bank and a financial institution is spread all over the world from the United States.
The border fight in the Middle East or Africa is intensifying so that China may write the territory of a foreign country in the map of its own country and may carry out effective control by the military strength.

The democratic end ...
The economic effectuation of a despotic state exceeds a democratic country under the name of "national development under strong leadership."
The democracy which was required in order to change a serf into a human being called factory workers and to make it "the gear to consider" is unnecessary in today's restructuring age for money.

A west U.S. camp is the alliance or friendly nation in Europe and the Japanese others United States.
East China and the Russia camp are the authoritarian state groups centering on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member nation.
The United States evacuates the Middle East in which the United States during about ten years was doing military domination from 2001.
If the United States becomes an exporting country of gas oil completely (at shale gas oil revolution), Saudi Arabia will separate from the United States accelarative.
Since the United States does not perform responsible action to the ambitious military campaign of China in the West Pacific Ocean, and the east and South China Sea, ASEAN members are trying to go to Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
The Soviet Union collapsed owing to the arms race at the time of the Cold War.
The United States became a potential fiscal bankruptcy state.
Therefore, the United States will not make absolute an arms race with China, and military hegemony competition from now on.
Therefore, the U.S. stance to the military campaign to Japan in China does not involve on a "Japan-China problem."
China is controlling the right of the air control sea of the West Pacific Ocean and Asia as a matter of fact, and if the difference in the future U.S.-China military budget is seen, the United States cannot challenge China.
The United States does not oppose growing gigantic of the Chinese military strength, and can do just merely looking on.
Air・Sea/Battle was ignored by Obama

As the United States, Japanese defense guidelines are converted to positive defense from exclusively defensive defense, and Japan must be made to bury the U.S.-China military strength gap in Asia.
that is way Abe is doing...
The Iraq civil war and Ukraine problem of essence is also the same.
The United States supplies the crude oil and natural gas by which Russia has supplied the Ukraine problem to Europe instead of Russia.
On the other hand, Russia changes those for Europe to China.
The United States solves the sanction (crude-oil expert embargo) of Iran of the old enemy of Saudi Arabia by the civil war of Iraq.
Saudi Arabia is driven into a plight.
Saudi is increasingly run to fund supply in a Sunni Muslim excessive organization, the Iraq civil war is prolonged, and an oil price is raised.
Furthermore, the China dependence of the politics and economy of Saudi Arabia is raised.
Thus, the flow and politics of energy of the world are being arranged by the Cold War type.
Although the great work business which changes the flow of money now again is trying to start

The Ukraine and the Iraq civil war speed up a U.S. shale gas oil revolution, and become the No.1 crude oil of the world and the natural gas country of production.....possible
A part of the strategy which is going to raise the dependence to the United States of the energy of Chinese economy, and is going to rule China soon then cut off..

Why did the Obama Administration bury the confrontation-among opposite strategy "Air Sea Battle concept" of the announcement of the Pentagon in order for the West Pacific Ocean in China, the east, and South China Sea to try to come under the hegemony of the China army?

Why does the United States continue the inside of an opposite "coward foreign policy"?
I think China certainly attacks the Senkaku Islands.

In fact, it is "U.S. war philosophy"
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Oct 4, 2012
As much as I agree with your description of Abe, Nahadef it never ceases to amaze me how you seem to refuse to see China's position on anything or the simple fact that China's neighbors also have a hand in the disputes, or even that while China has disputes with 75 percent of its neighbors, Japan has disputes with 100 percent.

I have tried to explain several times, but to no avail. I don't see the point in trying again now.

But I do want to ask you what is messed up about North Korea's military exercises compared to the military exercises of America, South Korea and Vietnam. And I also want to know if you were including China in that statement about military exercises, or just equating North Korea's military exercises with China's "super militarization" as you put it.
Feb 28, 2013


web transration used
Younger generation is not tuned to them. To know the reality of the world on the net, it's because they try to doubt the media. The radical some media reports, is not than be seen as Ira Standing to it. Anyway, Japan has taken a major step. I want to watch the Diet debate which is the moment of truth. (Reitaku University Professor Shuji Yagi) = end