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Where to find Melt and Pour soap base in Japan (Tokyo/Yokohama)?


Nov 2, 2014
Hi I am new here so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section but it is an urgent issue.

I am writing an article on soap-making in Japan and I would like to find a store that specializes in selling soap related items (fragrance, moulds, scents, bases, etc...). I tried googling soap shops in japan, but I found results that were not "particularly helpful".

Do shops like Tokyu hands, and Yuzuwaya sell these products? I know they have lots of DIY stuff in general.

Anyways, thank you to any and all that can help me, and I apologize again if this is in the wrong section.
Jan 14, 2009
手作り石鹸 + 材料 ought to find you something (mostly online shops).
It seems that soap bases appear under various names:
石鹸ベース、or 石鹸の素 or ソープの素 or ソープベース or (純)石鹸素地
(石鹸 or 石けん depending).

This company, based in Chiba, seems to have at least had at some point products on sale in Tokyu Hands, so it's possible that you'll find something there.
This company sells soap base and other materials (at least in their online shop) and has a shop in Yokohama and a couple in Tokyo (although it's not clear if all the shops stock all the products, they also sell the finished product).

There are also plenty of blogs for people who run soap-making workshops, if your Japanese is up to it why not see about interviewing them or something?