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[URGENT] Can you close your japanese bank account from a different city (Tokyo)?


Jun 14, 2014
Okay, not sure where I should post this thread, but hopefully it's within the correct subtopic.

So I have to go to Tokyo tomorrow to complete my visa for Norway. Currently I live in Beppu as a university student. My flght has been changed in the last minute to the 15th of june (tomorrow). However, I haven't closed my JP bank account (Japan Post bank). I tried going to the bank today but it was closed because it's the weekend. Since my flight tomorrow is on a sunday it would be impossible for me to close my bank account here. I originally opened my account in Beppu, but I am aware that the JP bank also has a branch in Tokyo. So is it possible for me to close the account in the Tokyo branch? Would the same things apply there?

Also, to get into more detail (this will get a little complicated), I actually went to close my bank account yesterday in beppu, but I couldn't find my passbook. So after a long chat with one of the staffs I found out I can't close my bank account without it. So I return to my dorm room, scavenging for around 2 hours and I finally found my passbook. After that I tried to go to the ATM machine to take all my money out from JP but it wouldn't let me. I couldn't even update my passbook. So, what i'm guessing is, since I told them I lost my passbook, the staff in JP locked or closed it for safety measure. keep in mind I have about 200,000 yen in that account - so you can understand my frustration. If I go back to the bank again (in Beppu or maybe the Tokyo branch if possible), can I "reclaim" my money from my "locked" account? I have all my identifications, cash card, passbook, and inkan ready.

Sorry this was so long, but I appreciate your help.

Mikawa Ossan

Sep 17, 2005
I would definitely give it a try.

If I remember correctly, I was able to close my Yamaguchi Bank account (from Yamaguchi Prefecture) at their Nagoya office several years ago. Of course, I didn't have any issues with my bank book or anything.

But if it's the same bank, it shouldn't matter what branch you go to.