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Understanding Nihonjin

Oct 9, 2015
Hello. I am recently back from a two-week home-stay program in Chichibu, Saitama. It is difficult to explain my experience to other Americans. I am not sure I understand it myself. I hope, perhaps native Nihonjin or others more experienced that I can help.

It was glorious. In Chichibu, I felt well loved, thought I developed friendships with those Nihonjin who showed me Tokyo, many shrines, and the so much more. I left with a strong feeling that I should have been born Japanese.

So now I am back in the states, and those that can get my email say they are busy, and don't return my emails, generally.

Why is that?

Is it that I was Honored Guest, and their duties of hospitality are concluded now that I am out of Nihon? The friendliness I thought I experienced, was it just politeness?
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