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UK residents: preview evening


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Mar 14, 2002
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JREF was contacted by a representative of the Leicester Square Theatre in London where Siro-A, a Japanese "technodelic" show will be performed between September 23, 2014 and January 11, 2015.

More on Siro-A.

Siro-A is a Japanese 'technodelic' show which has been described as Japan's answer to the Blue Man Group. It fuses mime, visual effects and an electro soundtrack to create a very unique piece of theatre! Anyone who is interested in Japanese culture, techno music or just a crazy fun night out will no doubt love it.

There is a special preview evening for bloggers on October 3rd, where you'll be able to watch the show and speak to some of the people involved.


Please let us know if you are residing in the UK and you are interested in going along to the preview and/or featuring the show. We only ask you to write a review and post it to the forum. :)
Oct 4, 2012
I was just going to open a thread about LSD....

Anyone who is interested in Japanese culture,
I am not being a negative nancy. The show looks cool. I am just confused about what part constitutes Japanese culture. If its the Japanese culture of the future, I can roll with that...

Maybe I am old, but everything there looks too new and different (excepting the homages to Devo!)to be calling it culture just yet, especially of a certain country.

That said, I think there is a rather Japanese sense of performance style in there. I freely admit I am a nincompoop when it comes to culture, that is why I ask. Does a Japanese sense of performance style constitute culture?

Anyway, good luck to them. Everyone could use an LSD experience without the bad after effects!
Feb 25, 2014
I`m reading an interesting book at the moment that touches on this aspect of Japanese art (which is part of the culture).

This performance looks like it fits in nicely with what is known as Kabuku and Basara.

Tenmyouya Hisashi describes it as:

"...the family of beauty that stands on the opposite end of the spectrum from wabi, sabi and zen ............ the term Basara originally referred to people with an aesthetic awareness that wore ornate and innovative wardrobes. The term comes from the name of the 12 Heavenly Generals (Buddhist Guardians) and originally meant `diamond` in Sanskrit. Just as diamonds are hard and can break anything, the term was taken to mean people that rebel against authority in an attempt to destroy existing concepts and order....... Basara art has continually flowed through the channels of Japanese street culture from the furyu of the Heian period to modern times".

I`m not sure if Siro-A are attempting to rebel or destroy any existing concepts with this show! .... but it looks like great entertainment and it is had rave reviews from the Edinburgh Festival, which has seen just about everything imaginable over the years!!