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Two American Geniuses Practice for 3


Apr 8, 2004
Dear native English speakers,
Here's my new exercise sheet. Would you please check it?
3 次の文を和訳しなさい。
①I've lived in Ibaraki, Osaka, for more than twenty years. (地名は大きな単位が後)

②During the Second World War, my paternal grandfather served in the Navy. (paternal = 父方の、Navy = 海軍)

③After the war, he worked for this hospital as a nurse.

④The city government supplied the victims of the earthquake with clothing and food.
(city government = 市(役所) victim = 被災者 earthquake = 地震 clothing = 衣服)

⑤Who took care of your dog while you were away? (while SV = SVする/した間 away = いない)

⑥At twenty I moved to Washington, where I got married to Jane. (get married to~=~と結婚する)

⑦A lot of money was spent on this project, but it didn't work. (work =うまくいく)

4 本文2と問題3の文を参考にして英訳しなさい。
①私は、公園の掃除を買って出た。(volunteer to を用いて6語)
I volunteered to clean the park.

(While で始め, care を用いて12または13語で)
While I was in (the) hospital, a kind female nurse took care of me.
[According to my dictionary, American people use "the" before "hospital" while British people don't.]

③その会社は、私たちへの電力(electricity)の供給を止めた。(supply, with を用いて7語)
The company stopped supplying us with electricity.

④私がここへ着いた時、多くの子供達が、飢餓で(of/from hunger)で死にかけていた。(12語)
When I arrived here, a lot of children were dying of/from hunger.

⑤夏休み中、私はよく近くの(nearby)川に泳ぎに行った。(During で始めて12語)
During the summer vacation/holidays I often went swimming in the nearby river.

(After で始めて、spend, where, days を用いて14語)
After the Civil War, Whitman moved to Washington, where he spent his last days.

Thanks in advance.