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Tumon Buddy Survey

Oct 25, 2015
Hello Japanese Community!! :)

I represent a group of students from the University of Guam. We are graduating this year with a business degree. One of our final projects is to create a sustainable business and present it to business leaders.

Our group has chosen to create a business to serve Japanese tourists to Guam. Our company is Tumon Buddy Co. and our product is a travel app designed to be your best friend the next time you travel to Guam.

We humbly ask for your assistance by completing this very short survey! Your participation would be awesome and a definite help to us!!! :)


ENGLISH: App Market Survey

And please if possible, feel free to share our survey with others!

Thank you again!
Love :kiss:,
Tumon Buddy
Jul 28, 2015
Since you want to attract Japanese tourists, I assume for the relevance of the results you do not need submissions from other foreigners?

Furthermore I advice you to take a good look at the tripadvisor downloadable offline apps (Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris, Brussels, etc). I often use them when traveling, and they provide everything that you want to do for Guam. However, it could be improved with hotel/restaurant/venue reservation and booking possibilities, or an integrated navigation system.