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Sep 21, 2013
I'm trying to practice Japanese, and I know plenty of words. A problem is that I'm still not quite getting Japanese. I don't know how to translate from Japanese to English very well. The word order in Japanese really trips me up. Please help me with this translation. I know there's a translation section but I'm asking for more in depth help other than a simple translation which is why I posted here.

むかしむかし、あるところに、おじいさんとおばあさん が住んでいました。
Once upon a time, there was a grandfather and grandmother living in a place.
二人は子どもがいなかったので、シロというイヌをと てもかわいがっていました。
Since the two of them didn't have a child, they exceedingly loved a dog named Shiro.
One day, Shiro was barking in the field.
I have no clue. Look here bark? Look here, Shiro barked? I don't know.
「おや? ここをほれと言っているのか。よしよし、ほ ってやろう」

I won't even try the rest. My grammar seems to be a major problem. I can memorize words, but just that grammar. Even if the sentence is full of words I know, there may be some grammar or odd sentence order that would make my Japanese fail.

So, any tips?? Right now I plan on going through Japanese stories like the one above, and trying to clear up all the grammar I don't understand. Is there anything I should be doing as I read through these and try to learn their grammar?

PLEASE tips! And please translate that tiny passage for me~ Thanks!