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Translation of a verse: "帰れなくて忘れたくて「ゆらめく」ことのない愛を君に".


Jul 13, 2016
Hi, there.

I've just started trying to translate the meaning of the lyrics of some of my favorite Japanese tunes.
This time the turn is for "Yurameki", a true visual-kei classic from the iconic rock band Dir en grey.

I have a problem translating the very first verse of the song: "帰れなくて忘れたくて「ゆらめく」ことのない愛を君に".

When I try to find the translation of what it seems to be a whole verse (or maybe it isn't? From what I've been reading, Kyo may like to write like two or three different verses in a same line, rather than writing one verse below the other and so on) the first thing I have notice of are some meaningful chunks like:

"「ゆらめく」ことのない愛": "a love without quivering".
"君に": "(something) to/into you".
"帰れなくて忘れたくて": "I want to return, but... I want to forget, but..."

So the thing is that I have problems trying to reunite this chunks into a whole meaninful sentence. Particularly with that を in between "「ゆらめく」ことのない愛" and "君に". Which is its function there? And how can I translate that detached "君に" in the end of the verse?

Link for the full song is here: Link for the full kanji and romaji lyrics is here: JpopAsia - the online asian media resource

Thank you!

Mike Cash

Mar 15, 2002
The reason we're asking is because を is one of the most basic and fundamental elements that all beginning learners encounter very early in the process of learning Japanese. We get the impression you're trying to translate a language you haven't even started to learn yet. This would be like me saying I'm translating Spanish and asking what "el" means. You would naturally think I have skipped a lot of very important things necessary to the task.