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The new girl - a little help?

Nana chan

Jun 15, 2014
Hello ,

i'm a new member here i’m nana from england i’m 16 and i suppose to start my sixth form in college this year but unexpectedly my dad got a promotion in the company that he works and we supposed to move to japan this August or September ( thatツ’s why my parents were insisting on learning the Japanese Language for 3 years ;) ) so me and my sister are pretty good in japanese but i have some Concerns Especially about school :
so i did some research and i found that they don’t have this sixth form and you must be at least 18 years old to attend college so i’m suppose to be in second year of high school but the school year in japan Begin in April so i’m late and i’m afraid that i must Re-year what should i do ? and how school accept me ? is there some tests or somthing ? and please tell me how is the school life in japan ? what kind of subjects they take ? are they friendly or not with strangers ? and will i find it difficult to make friends ? i communicated with exchange students and they helped me in some things but not a lot because they not really live and study there they just stay in host family and return after a year to there homes so i need your help please answer I would appreciate your help very much :)
Jan 14, 2009
You're not getting placed in an English-speaking international school? That's normally how it works.

Mike Cash

Mar 15, 2002
You don't think so? If you don't know for sure, find out. There should be someone at your father's company who knows the answers. You really ought to be placed in an international school and the company really ought to pay the tuition.