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"Social sciences and humanities faculties to close in Japan after ministerial decree"


History Student
Jun 2, 2014
The Canadian Historical Association posted the following story/links via their Facebook today - see that post here.

While the articles linked are vague in that they neither provide a timeline for the alleged actions, nor a list of the 17 or so universities that are apparently 'closing' said faculties, they paint a pretty worrying picture.

See the two articles here and here.

Does anyone presently involved in either of these fields/close to them (either within or beyond Japan) have any information regarding the specifics of this matter? Alternatively, has anyone got any recent articles in Japanese naming the schools in questions or providing more specific information?

Looking to discuss this topic more generally but also looking for more information - I am a student of Political History with research in the field of Canadian-Japanese diplomatic relations both ongoing and in the planning stages.