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Research Proposal

Apr 20, 2015
I wrote my research proposal for the upcoming 2017 scholarship application. I'm from the US and my field of study is sports and health science. My research proposal is on exercise physiology. Because it is a science on physiology, it would naturally be long and not easy to write in laymen terms. In fact, my paper turned out to be 7 pages long.

I'm a little confused about the field of study sheet. Do they want a timetable of the research you would be carrying out? I'm trying to get into a masters program and not interested in taking the first year as just a research student. I wrote my paper for the research I would be doing as a masters student, and preparing for masters thesis. There are 2 schools I'm interested in and timetable can vary alot depending on which school I get accept into.

Also, would it be acceptable to attach the full text of my proposal separately to the field of study sheet? I think the full proposal would be something the professor would be interested in reading and leave the field of study sheet for the scholarship staff.
Nov 12, 2014
I think 7 pages is probably too long. For discussing the topic with your university contacts, that is probably fine, but I think to use this for the embassy (I assume this is embassy rec) they won't care about all that detail. I think mine was four pages max (including figures and references). And yes, they would like to see a timetable of how you plan to conduct the project. FYI, I did mine through the main embassy in DC. Where are you applying through? Good luck!