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Prevention before occurrence

Mar 4, 2016
people of French are unsatisfied. They have revolted and are engaging with armed french police. Police bite people and shoot a lot of tear gas toward them. The streets are full of smoke of tear gas and polices have gas mask but people suffer smokes.
I saw a police bite a guy that was protesting to French government because of its unsuitable financial derision.
I also saw a police jumped on the head of other man like superman but fortunately he crashed on the lawns. in the other scene a police was dragging a man on the street like a sheep and also a police put his knee on the face of another French and was fastening his hands from the back.
When I saw the group of angry French polices I remembered bullfighting in Spanish. When a group of strong wild bulls were released in the streets, they followed people and attacked them with the tall and sharp horns! Nonetheless, people of Spanish love playing with those huge bulls and are brave enough to fight them!
However, the government of French want to terminate the protest of the people by force! The president of French and all his council of ministers think they are right and thousands of French people are wrong!

I believe, people do mistake less and it is a government that provoke a people by its wrong decisions.