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Please help a westerner


Mar 28, 2017
H there friends.
New here. i would just like to know the Japanese signs is for the following:
  • Hate
  • Not caring / caring little about anything that doesn't effect me
  • Friendship
  • Honor
I might want these individual signs tattooed on me. So please tell me what it would look like.
They don't have to be connected at all. Just signs.


Sep 19, 2016
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There are multiple ways to express each of these concepts. One thing I would recommend up front is for you to decide on the tradeoff between the number of characters used and the precision of the meaning. The characters have existed for a long time, and most have acquired numerous shades of meaning. You can represents some of these concepts with a single character, but it would be a character that can also be interpreted in different ways. If precision in meaning is important to you, then it would require a larger number of characters to more precisely convey these concepts.

Also, is balance important? By that I mean would you like each of these concepts expressed with the same number of characters, whether it be one or two or three?

It would help if you tell us how you feel about these things...

Here is my initial take on your request, with a focus on trying to keep the overall character count low, where possible.

hate - 憎
not caring - 無関心
friendship - 友情
honor - 義


Mar 28, 2017
Thanks. I really appreciate the help.
The thing is i was a little drunk yesterday, I was very sad. that's why i wrote what i did.
My girlfriend that i lived with broke up with me. I needed to find a place to stay fast.
So i found the cheapest i could get before finding a proper apartment.
This cheap apartment didn't allow pets. so she promised to take care of my dog.
Having had some issues finding a new home that allowed animals, she sold my dog without telling me. So i was kinda drinking away my sorrow.
We have only been separated for 5 month. I mean, how fast did she expect this to go?
I am in dialog with the new owner of my dog to get him back. So this might end up ok after all.

But now that we are talking about Japanese signs, i might want to just get, "addicted to danger" in Japanese.
I am an adrenaline junkie. I sometimes do some dangerous stunts to really feel alive.
So something like that would be great to have tattooed on my forarm. Thinking about videotaping some of the things i do in first person view. Would look pretty cool on video.