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Please check my exam problems for 小テスト Part 1


Apr 8, 2004
Hello again, native English speakers.
Would you please check my exam problems again?

I'd like each problem to have only one answer.

1 (1)~(20)の(  )の中で最も適切な語句を記号で選びなさい。2×20 = 40
American genius is to (1)( (ア) am / (イ) is / (ウ) be ) found in both the arts and the sciences. For (2)( (ア) exam / (イ) example / (ウ) experiment ), Walt Whitman is well
(3)( (ア) know / (イ) knew / (ウ) known ) as a great American poet. He was born on Long Island in 1819. At an early age he moved to Brooklyn. He was (4)( (ア) force / (イ) forcing / (ウ) forced ) to go to work (5)( (ア) which / (イ) why / (ウ) when ) he was quite young. However, he read a great (6)( (ア) lot / (イ) much / (ウ) deal ).
After (7)( (ア) teach / (イ) taught / (ウ) teaching ) school for a (8)( (ア) when / (イ) what / (ウ) while ), he became a newspaper writer and finally the editor of the Brooklyn Eagle. Because (9)( (ア) of / (イ) to / (ウ) for ) his opposition to slavery, he was (10)( (ア) watered /
(イ) fired / (ウ) hired ) from the newspaper. Then he went to work as a carpenter.
(11)( (ア) When / (イ) While / (ウ) During ) the Civil War, Whitman volunteered as a
(12)( (ア) woman / (イ) male / (ウ) female ) nurse. He supplied the sick men (13)( (ア) with /
(イ) for / (ウ) as ) tobacco, (14)( (ア) made / (イ) gave / (ウ) took ) care of their wounds, and read the Bible to boys who were (15)( (ア) die / (イ) dying / (ウ) died ). After the war he worked for the government in Washington. His last days were (16)( (ア) spend / (イ) spending / (ウ) spent ) in Camden, New Jersey, (17)( (ア) when / (イ) which / (ウ) where ) he died in 1892.
 His best poems are (18)( (ア) contain / (イ) containing / (ウ) contained ) in the volume called Leaves of Grass. When this volume was first published, many people criticized it. His poetry did not seem to be poetry at all. It did not rhyme, nor (19)( (ア) do / (イ) is / (ウ) did ) it have a regular rhythm. He used the plain, simple words of everyday life.
But some people were able to see the greatness of his poetry, (20)( (ア) what / (イ) that /
(ウ) which ) expressed his sincere love for other people. Whitman believed that humans and nature were both part of God.

2 (1)~(17)の(  )の中で最も適切な語句を選びなさい。2 ×17 = 34点
As a scientist, Thomas Edison is well known all (1)( (ア) by / (イ) in / (ウ) over ) the world for his many inventions. Yet he had very (2)( (ア) little / (イ) few / (ウ) much ) education. When his teachers criticized him for being stubborn and (3)( (ア) will / (イ) willing / (ウ) unwilling ) to learn, his mother decided not to give him a formal education. She encouraged his natural desire to read and experiment. (4)( (ア) By / (イ) In / (ウ) On ) the time he was ten years old, he (5)( (ア) is / (イ) was / (ウ) had ) developed a strong taste for chemistry and made himself a laboratory.
His first inventions were (6)( (ア) begin / (イ) began / (ウ) begun ) during his adolescence. With a little money (7)( (ア) make / (イ) makes / (ウ) made ) from one of his inventions, he started his own manufacturing business in New Jersey. This later (8)( (ア) develop / (イ) developing / (ウ) developed ) into a research laboratory. Here he perfected the incandescent lamp, which (9)( (ア) abled / (イ) disabled / (ウ) enabled ) electricity to replace gas. Here too, he first reproduced the sound of the human voice on an instrument called the phonograph. Constant experimentation (10)( (ア) did / (イ) gave / (ウ) played ) an important part in Edison's success. He slept very (11)( (ア) hard / (イ) little / (ウ) long ) and worked very (12)( (ア) hard / (イ) little / (ウ) many ).
(13)( (ア) Either / (イ) Neither / Both ) Whitman and Edison lived in New Jersey, but
(14)( (ア) either / (イ) neither / (ウ) both ) had much formal education. So hard work is an essential element (15)( (ア) in / (イ) on / (ウ) as ) becoming a genius. For example, when people told Edison he was a genius, he answered, "Genius is 1% (16)( (ア) inspiration / (イ) perspiration /(ウ) combination ) and 99% (17)( (ア) inspiration / (イ) perspiration / (ウ) combination )."

Jan 4, 2018
All looks good to me. The only thing I would point out though, just to make sure you're aware, is that you could swap the last two answers around (inspiration and perspiration). They should be "inspiration" then "perspiration", due to what Edison said about hard work, but the entire text is purely a grammatical exercise apart from those two answers, which are suddenly a comprehension issue, and I'm not sure that's good practise, quite apart from the fact that it could be arguable what Edison's point was.