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Please check my basic sentences.


Apr 8, 2004
Dear native English speakers、
I'm making an exercise sheet for high school students who are not good at English.
The point is the present tense of "be".

Would you please check my problems and answers?

問1 次のbe動詞を含む文を和訳しなさい。
①My father is an English teacher. (一人の人や一つの物にはaかanが付く。母音の前はanになる)

②It's very hot today. (it's = It isの短縮形)(天気はItを主語にする。Itは訳さない)

③I'm a fire fighter. (I'm =I amの短縮形)(fire fighter =消防士)

④Are you a high school student? Yes, I am. (Yes, I'm. とは言わない)(high school = 高校)

⑤Is that man a police officer? No, he isn't. (police officer =警察官)(男性はheで答える)

⑥That red bike is mine. (that = あれ,あの)(mine = 私のもの/僕のもの)

⑦Is your mother a singer? Yes, she is. (女性はsheで答える)

問2 必ずbe 動詞を用いて( )の語数で英訳しなさい。
①あの男性は歌手ですか?(5語) はい、そうです。(3語)
①Is that man a singer? Yes, he is.

②My mother is a high school teacher.

③I'm a police officer.

④It's very cold and windy today.

⑤あれはあなたの自転車ですか。(4語) はいそうです。(3語)
⑤Is that your bike/bicycle? Yes, it is.

⑥あなたは消防士ですか。(5語) はい、そうです。(3語)
⑥Are you a fire fighter? Yes, I am.

Here's the second sheet.
問1 次のbe動詞を含む文を和訳しなさい。
①"Are you from China?" "No, I'm not. I'm from Japan." (from~=~から[来ている],~出身だ/の)

②"Is that woman American?" "No, she isn't. She's British." (woman =女性)(British =イギリス(人)の)

③"Wow! They are very tall." "Yes. They are basketball players from America." (Wow! =わあ!)
(basketball =バスケットボール player =スポーツや楽器の演奏などをする人)

④"What time is it?" "It's two thirty." (時刻はitを主語にする)

⑤This problem is really hard. I can't solve it. (problem = 問題 hard =難しい solve =解く)

⑥"Are you a good tennis player?" "Not really." (Not really =そうでもありません)

⑦"Am I pretty?" "Yes. You are very pretty." (pretty = かわいい,きれい)

問2 各問題で必ず1回はbe動詞を用いて( )に従って英語に訳しなさい。
①「今日は忙しいの?」「うん。ごめん」[忙しい= busy ごめん= I'm sorry])
①"Are you busy today?" "Yes. I'm sorry."

②「マイク(Mike)は良い生徒ですか」(5語) 「はい、良い生徒です」(3語)
②"Is Mike a good student?" "Yes, he is."

③John isn't a good baseball player.

④「あの背の高い女性はイギリス人(British)ですか」(5語) 「はい、そうです」(3語)
④"Is that tall woman British?" "Yes, she is."

⑤こちら(→「これ」と同じ)はジェイン・スミス(Jane Smith)さんです。カナダから来られました。
⑤This is Jane Smith. She's(=She is) from Canada.

⑥「これはとてもおいしい(delicious→veryはつけない)ですね」(3語) 「ありがとう」(2語)
⑥"This is delicious." "Thank you."

⑦「これはあなたの自転車ですか」(4語) 「はい、そうです」(3語)
⑦"Is this your bike/bicycle?" " Yes, it is."

Thanks in advance.