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Nakama to Genki - Choosing next textbook

Apr 2, 2015
Hi all !
I am just completing a beginner Japanese course in university, and we used Nakama 1.
I want to keep learning the language next year, but via self study (as I don't have room in my course schedule for the second year Japanese class). My question is what textbook I should use ?
I was thinking of buying Genki 2 (because it costs so much less, even with the workbook), but I'm not sure if Nakama 1 would prepare me for Genki 2 ? Should I spend the cash and carry on with Nakama 2 ?
My experience with Nakama has been mixed, it's not horrible but I don't absolutely love it. (But it does have culture sections and a dictionary in the back which I enjoy !)
I'm open to any other suggestions for textbooks, what do you guys think would be best ?
Thanks !

Mike Cash

Mar 15, 2002
Ask in your school's foreign language department office or in the library if they have a copy of Genki lying around you could look at and see for yourself if the differences justify the purchase. Ask your teacher's opinion.